Why I’m OBSESSED with this Baby Beauty Brand?

Almost 2 years ago I was sent a sample strip of a new skincare line and this soft little bamboo cloth. I was immediately intrigued and wanted to use it right away. It was a sample of a Cleanser, Serum, Eye Cream and Moisturizer. It was the most luxurious skincare products I have ever used! Clinical Grade Products with No Harmful Ingredients! And here we are almost 2 years later and not only do I have amazing skin, we are officially a Beauty Brand with concealer and foundation which has always been our CEO’s vision! We have so many products coming out and it’s so exciting 💕

And yes we are a Network Marketing Company. I get asked all of the time what makes us different! I tell everyone that our CEO involves us and the top leaders with everything and is always 100% transparent. She spoils us Rotten so there is that 🙌🏻

The most amazing thing is Melissa and Scott go out of there way to make sure we aren’t spending money out of our own pockets and earning money! No Website Fees, No Monthly fees or Sales Minimums! The 2 of them literally have the biggest heart and if you are fortunate enough to to meet them and get a hug you know you are home right away! ❤️

I am a Senior Director who is considered to be a “Founder” which means I joined in the first year of the company launching. Would I love to be at the top of the company and retire my husband, Well duh? I remind myself and everyone I talk to that we are all on a different path and you can’t compare yourself to anyone else! Who says a Mom in her mid 40’s can’t be a successful beauty influencer and mentor??? I have 16 Beautiful Ladies on my team that have fallen in love with the products and company just as much as me! Some of them are partners for the discount and some decided to take a leap a faith and allow me to be their mentor! When the company and products are truly amazing you are naturally just sharing your passion! 💄

I started an online clothing boutique called The Leopard Crown and I’m so happy to incorporate my love for Fashion, Beauty and Healthy Skin all in one place 💋